Radio Frequency Electronic Monitoring

Radio frequency electronic monitoring consists of a transmitter in the form of an ankle bracelet with a receiver, which is placed in the offender’s home. The transmitter communicates with the receiver during the predetermined times the offender is scheduled to be at home. The receiver communicates via the home telephone line to the monitoring center any and all violations. The transmitters are tamper-proof and water resistant.

Where is RF Monitoring used best?

  • Any offender to keep them out of jail
  • Offenders with medical conditions
  • Offenders with steady employment
  • Offenders who need a curfew

How does it solve the court or agency’s needs?

  • Relieves jail overcrowding and cost overruns
  • Gives courts alternatives to incarceration
  • Provides reports to court personnel
  • Offender Management Services personnel are available for any court or agency proceedings where testimony is required to support violation notifications