SCRAM CAM Alcohol Monitoring

Offender Management Services provides SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM), which is a court proven and tested solution to monitor offenders with alcohol related problems. The SCRAM CAM ankle bracelet utilizes a patented transdermal technology to detect alcohol. A pump in the bracelet draws in sweat vapors secreted by the skin every 30 minutes, and the bracelet then analyzes those vapors for any alcohol content. The results are stored in the bracelet and reported via modem to our monitoring center. Testing by the SCRAM CAM unit is consistent and uninterrupted, providing reliable results 24/7, 365 days a year. OMS is staffed with certified SCRAM CAM qualified technicians to provide immediate support and interpretation of alcohol reports on monitored offenders. Offender Management Services provides SCRAM CAM services to all levels and types of courts and agencies.

Where is SCRAM CAM used best?

  • DUI offenders
  • Domestic violence cases where alcohol has played a contributing factor
  • Any other cases where alcohol contributed to the offense
  • Cases where recidivism has been a problem

How does it solve the court or agency’s needs?

  • Constantly monitors the alcohol usage of offenders
  • Reports show SCRAM CAM device is also a strong deterrent to drinking
  • Much more effective than traditional breathalyzers; monitors 24 hours a day
  • More secure than traditional breathalyzers; device is attached to the offender’s ankle, so another individual cannot test for them.
  • Reports indicate any tampering with the bracelet, such as obstruction or removal
  • Manufacturer personnel are available for any court or agency proceedings where expert testimony is required to support violation notifications.