To track the whereabouts of an offender any time or anywhere, we utilize a revolutionary GPS monitoring system.

The unit utilizes a unique hybrid of GPS and cellular technology, which allows it to use cellular triangulation to track the offender even in impaired environments where traditional GPS units lose signal. This is critical to reliability since people spend 70% of their time away from home which prevents traditional GPS systems from functioning properly.

Our GPS unit is a small, one-piece device that does NOT require the offender to have a home phone line. It is water resistant and can be used while showering without removing the battery. The program offers great flexibility, both in the level of monitoring and when setting up schedules and curfews, and features unlimited inclusion and exclusion zones.

Where is GPS used best?

  • Sex offenders
  • Domestic violence cases
  • Higher-risk offenders
  • On-demand location services
  • Offenders with high likelihood of recidivism
  • Where impaired environments are a likelihood

How does it solve the court or agency’s needs?

  • Constant tracking of offenders
  • Relieves jail overcrowding and cost overruns
  • Gives courts alternatives to incarceration
  • Allows court to be responsive to victims needs and anxieties
  • Better safety assurances to victims
  • Hook-ups performed on-site to help offenders get released from jail